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Welcome to Awakeri Rail Adventures in Whakatane. Travel along a piece of New Zealand’s rich rail history and experience the natural beauty and adventure from the comfort of a rail-cart, cleverly adapted to be self-driven along the rail tracks. Our rail cars are FULL self drive – you are in complete control of your rail vehicle – you may stop any where you wish to take photographs (or pick up your hat).

Your adventure starts from Awakeri traveling at a leisurely 25 kilometeres per hour with family and friends along a piece of historic railway line. There are 4 bridges, numerous cuttings and bush scenes along the track.

  •   Hours of devoted toil by an ex-train driver have created a brilliant experience of running along the railway lines in converted golf buggies. Guided along the track by walkie-talkies, the line of buggies stops along the route to feed the chickens, walk around an ancient...More

    thumb Brian_StNeots
  •   We all had a great time Paul was a fantastic host. Some nice activities along the way, with a bit of local history, some laughs and well timed stops. Good fun safe trip. Even our teenage kids enjoyed it. It was an easy day trip...More

    thumb Matt6000
  •   This is areal ‘Kiwi’ experience. The trip starts with a surprising stop at Caulfield Station and off to feed the chooks. The highlight is the bush walk through the last remaining wetlands stand of bush in the Bay and seeing several Kahikatea trees up to...More

    thumb RobT462018
  •   We bought our tickets at Field Days last year so had to make plans to head down country especially for this adventure. We weren't disappointed. We were greeted and led by Shane, who is an absolute gem of a man with a wealth of local...More

    thumb SharonWindust
  •   Definitely recommend this attraction to families, couples and individuals young and old. They offers three different adventures on a disused section of railway between Awakeri and Taneatua. Paul the owner who was a train driver in past years gives an excellent safety briefing before departing...More

    thumb Happydaz01

Travel along a piece of New Zealand’s rich rail history and experience the natural beauty and adventure from the comfort of our rail-cart

Awakeri Rail Adventures offers four types of trip. The first is an “Express Run” where you will drive over 20km of track, with one stop enroute. The Express Run takes approx 2 hours.

The second option is the “Bush Walk / Snack Run” where you will be guided on a bush walk, stop for a relaxing track side snack and other activities and still drive over the 20km of track. This trip will take approx 2.5 hours.

The third option is the “Bush Walk Run” where you travel 12km of track – enjoy a guided bush walk – wraps up in about 1.5 hours.

The fourth option is the Chicken run – travel 8 km of track and help feed the chickens and other birds (this one is ideal for the under fives).


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